Happy Monday, sweet readers! We’re excited to start this one off on the right foot by answering the questions that our precious, gracious and crazy talented friend Tina from The Enchanted Home asked us when she tagged us for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! The Enchanted Home is a daily must-read for us! Thanks, Tina. We’re so flattered! 

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If you want to check it out, here’s a link to Tina’s post when she was tagged! But the gist is, you get tagged, you answer ten questions, pick ten new bloggers and ask them ten questions. Pretty fun–and a great way to get to know some good blog friends a little better. We’d love to know how you would answer too! 

If you had to live in one country outside of the U.S. for a year, where would you reside and why?



We both love Switzerland and think it would be such a lovely place to live for a year. It’s so clean, the people are friendly and there’s nothing quite like skiing through the middle of a cow pasture!

What quality do you think most people admire most about you?

Is “stubborn as hell” a compliment? Ahem… We’ll say our tenacity. We’re pretty strong willed, love a challenge and like to see things through until the bitter end!

Describe your “last supper” and we like details…….

Gooey Chocolate Caramel Fantasty

We like food, but, really, it’s all about the dessert! Ooey, gooey chocolate caramel cake…

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate candy of any kind…

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Basically, if it’s chocolate of any sort, we’re in!

Your favorite room of your house and why?


This is our little “chaise room” at the beach aka blogging central! We’ve spent many a late night on these chaises brainstorming blog ideas and getting work done! Funny story… We had a fundraiser this weekend and one of my friends said she heard one lady tell another that I had two kids and this is where they slept! Hilarious! I only have one child… And he does, indeed, have his own room! But that gave me a good laugh.

If you had to be named something else, what would you name yourself? Go ahead and include a middle name while you are at it:)

This one really stumped us so we did the logical thing: We asked the three-year-old! He said that Mommy’s name should be Water, and BB’s name should be Grass. So, there you have. I am definitely raising a little hippie child.

Pick an all time favorite movie and an all time favorite book that you think we should all watch and read

Dear Carolina

Well, you all saw this coming… Of course I think DEAR CAROLINA should be on everyone’s bookshelf! Mom does too!

Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride is a forever favorite, for sure. I still remember being a very little girl and Mom and her friend taking one of my friends and me to see it in the theater. To this day, that friend still does an excellent impression of the wedding planner!

If you had to be born in one decade, what decade what that have been/be and why?

Well, if I could have been born in 1995 instead of 1985, I would be turning 20 in a few weeks not 30. This has been a pretty fabulous decade, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again! Mom doesn’t care as long as she gets to have technology. Agreed. One hundred percent.





A movie is going to be filmed based upon your life, who will play you and what will the name of this blockbuster be?

Well, if I could handpick someone to play me, it would be Blake Lively. I mean, she’s just lovely. Mom wants Michelle Pfeiffer to play her. Also a solid choice. The writer should be able to come up with a title for the movie. But, since I can’t, I’ll just say that since I’ve yet to pick a title for a book I’ve written, we’ll just leave that up to the Hollywood powers that be!

Blake Lively


Michelle Pfeiffer

Tell us 3 things on your summer bucket list.……

1. Soaking in as much time as possible with family.

2. Meeting some of my author idols at Book Expo America. (Check!)

3. Finish my third novel! (My second one, LIES AND OTHER ACTS OF LOVE is in copyediting right now and releases April 2016. Hooray!)

Every one has them….come on tell us, what is one of your guilty pleasures?


Southern Charm. It is the best reality show on TV. Truly. We can’t get enough. It really could only happen in the South and has the trappings of other reality shows, but with nicer manners.

Architectural Digest

This is one of the star’s, Patricia Altshul’s, home decorated by Mario Buatta. Not too shabby, right?

Architectural Digest

Buatta was actually on the show this season giving the house a little “zhush,” and he’s super fun to watch as well!

Architectural Digest

Patricia is a huge animal lover. And she’s fabulous and hilarious and pretty much says what everyone else is thinking–with no apologies.

Architectural Digest

Her “no-drama,” male-only dinner party took place in this lovely dining room this season. Only, as you can imagine, plenty of drama ensued proving that it isn’t only women who can start it!

Architectural Digest

Patricia’s look is very distinctive and very Charleston.

Architectural Digest

Great TV and great houses? It’s a no-brainer, right!

2PicMonkey Collage

1PicMonkey Collage

1PicMonkey Collage

Thank you again to the fabulous, superstar Tina from The Enchanted Home for including us in this fun exercise. We loved getting to chat about these questions, and hope all of you enjoyed reading about them! So, without further ado, here are our questions and bloggers:

1. If you could have any job besides the one you have right now, what would it be?

2. If you had one day completely alone how would you fill your time?
3. What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

4. What is one vacation spot on your bucket list?

5. What is your favorite little luxury?

6. Beach or mountains? Why?

7. If you could pick any designer, living or dead, to decorate your house, who would it be?

8. If you could rewind twenty years and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

9. What is your favorite family tradition?

10. If you could plan your dream party what would you do? 

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