Good morning, chic friends! We hope you had a fabulous weekend and that your Monday is off to a terrific start. If it’s not, don’t worry! It’s about to take a turn for the better.

We love Thom Filicia. Who doesn’t, really? And it was such a treat to get to meet him at the last High Point Furniture Market! Today, we are thrilled to get to share with you Thom’s “A Study In Style” in the 43rd Kips Bay Showhouse.


The beautiful sculpture, “Frenetic Composure,” is one of the most notable pieces in the stunning office. Artist Robert Greene created the sculpture out of many pieces of wood, to display the activity of the human mind. The sculpture is meant to be representative of the human condition. It was inspired by Greene’s own father’s struggle with ALS — and all proceeds from the sale of the sculpture go to ALS research.


Filicia invited Kips Bay Decorator Show House visitors to sit down in the room and spend time enjoying the art and really absorb the feel of the space instead of just looking. We know we would have loved to do that!


Thom juxtaposed and layered textures and materials to enhance the monochromatic color scheme to exude a calming and relaxed feeling.


We would say, without hesitation, that he most certainly achieved that goal! The subtle-yet-sophisticated tone of this beautiful room embodies Filicia’s effortless style.



Also, you know we love a good coffee table book. So we are absolutely thrilled that 40 Years of Fabulous, celebrating forty beautiful years of a very special designer showhouse, is out! Take a sneak peek inside this gorgeous book.

The Traditionalists

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.13.27

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.13.44


The Modernists

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.16.24


The Showmen

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.18.57

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.19.37


The Classicists

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.22.33

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.21.58


The Exquisites

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.35.48

Screenshot 2015-06-07 09.36.07

The ProvocateursScreenshot 2015-06-07 15.34.49


Screenshot 2015-06-07 15.35.11


The Newcomers

Screenshot 2015-06-07 15.38.04

Screenshot 2015-06-07 15.38.22

Thanks so much for stopping by and touring Kips Bay Showhouses past and present! We hope your week is off to a wonderful start!


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“Aside from the fact that “DEAR CAROLINA” will look AMAZING in your house, “DEAR CAROLINA” is a HEARTFELT and SOUTHERN novel….that will appeal to every woman.” — Lucy, Lucy Williams Interiors

1PicMonkey Collage

1PicMonkey Collage