Karr Bick
Karr Bick


Old and distressed… New and shiny… Buffed and polished… Worn and dim…

Myra Hoefer

We think hardwood floors are fabulous any way. But, while spic and span is nice, our very favorite way for our hardwood floors to be is just a tiny bit sand-gritty. We love that subtle reminder that, yes, summer is here, and, oh yes, we’re living it up! (And, yellow? Always a wonderful touch!) Cover them up? Why would we? Floors this gorgeous stand all on their own! And can add so much character to a room, even when the other elements are sparkling and new!

Tolder Geller

And, even though we think a gorgeous hardwood can stand all on its own, we adore a natural fiber rug on top too! Plus it’s great for making breakfast barefooted on chilly mornings.

Marie Flanigan living room
Marie Flanigan


This dark stain adds a sophisticated touch. Paired with that brass, it’s perfection! 

Kate Marker Interiors kitchen with beams and brass hardware
Kate Marker InteriorsStoffer Photography



Against the bright, white paint and finishes in this kitchen, these dark floors are a dramatically different touch. 


We hope you had an amazing 4th of July holiday and a fabulous week to come. Thanks, as always, for making Design Chic a part of your day!