We are so excited to have our friend, Kathysue Perdue from Good Life of Design, on Design Chic today! We love, love, love Kathysue and her fabulous blog. It’s a daily indulgence, and if it isn’t one of yours, it should be!  Kathysue and her precious husband are in the process of leaving their home of 37 years and building a new dream home. There is nothing we love quite as much as watching a house come to life! Don’t you? She is so organized about every bit of the process that we are learning a lot from her too! So, take a peek at her amazing black and blue and then head over to Good Life of Design! 

Have you heard the saying he is Black and blue all over? Well this girl loves the color of a bruise.

Black and white have always been a favorite color base for my home, and in my wardrobe. 
I find it so fun to add other colors to this mix, but I must say there is one color in particular that I love mixing with black and white and that is…
Dark Blues


cobaltnavy swatch


I tend to like a crisp, fresh, clean, traditional look in my décor, and I would have to add that description to my wardrobe as well, but I would have to add I am a bit of a grown-up preppy gal when it comes to my  personal style.

color-scheme-3-main black and white

I can remember when it was a faux paux to wear black, and navy together, and now it is considered quite chic.
This color combination can be fresh, and crisp, or it can create drama, depending on which color you choose as your dominant color.

Martin Grant:

Let’s look at some rooms that have the mix of black, white and blue to see how it can be done tastefully.


In this first room all three colors are used almost equally.
White is the most dominant due to use on the walls and sofa, however the black and blue play equal roles in the room, and it makes for a nice balance. 
The other thing I would like you notice is how the accent colors of black and blue are sprinkled around the room nicely in order to keep your eye moving around the room seamlessly without giving you a jolt.
When using strong colors such as these, you need to use them judiciously in a room.
black and white house with blue and white porch furnishings
This porch is almost the opposite of the previous image.
Black is the dominant color here, and the white, and blue are equal partners in the accent department. 
You can see in both of the images it is all a balancing act when using high contrast, or dark colors.
Winter Style:
Shall we look at a room where BLUE is the dominant color?
Carolyne Roehm’s bird room is a classic example of using blue as the dominant, white is the secondary color, and notice just a touch of black. This room is a classic example of balancing these colors beautifully.

black and white with blue, elements of style blog

Erin Gates chose to  use black and white, and are  they equal partners in this vignette. This time the blue becomes the accent.
.black and white and blue:
How I Use This Color Combination In My Own Home
In my own home I have a blue and white ticking sofa, and a black and white striped rug.  
I add  different pillows to switch things up a bit with the changing seasons, the pillows will actually change which color becomes the main player and which colors are in supporting roles……
sofa in room base with frame 001 (800x600) s
I would say that blue, white and black play pretty equal roles in my Great room. When I add pillows to this mix, the blue becomes somewhat more dominant.

winter look_thumb[5]ribbit 
Moving onto Spring…..


spring summer look collage

You will notice that a little Spring green has slipped into my mix.

Ribbet collage Summer Fabrics

When we move into the summer months the blue and white take dominance over the black and white to create a cooler look for the hot summer months.


Mixing and matching of these colors is a lot easier than most people would think it is a classic, timeless color combination especially in our wardrobes…..

Chanel by shopportunity

black jeans gingham shirt cobalt blue sweater
The above image is an outfit that I actually wear all the time. As long as I have a cobalt blue, and a black cashmere sweater in my wardrobe I am good to go!
You can’t get more basic than this outfit and look at how timeless and classic she looks.
Gucci.Pre-Fall 2015.
It is all about balance when using this color combination, but to be honest it is always about balance when using any color combination. 
A Houston French Revival's guest #bedroom is painted #matte charcoal. | See MORE at www.luxesource.com. | #luxemag #interiordesign #design #interiors #homedecor:
I think it is a bit more crucial when mixing colors that are very saturated and strong in their own right. I hope I have inspired you to try this striking combo in your home, or wardrobe in the future!
Interior by designer Barbara Barry:
If you would like to see more of what caught my eye in this combination just go to my pinterest board named..

1PicMonkey Collage

1PicMonkey Collage