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Draperies are one of our favorite elements of a room. They’re like the lipstick, the pin, the cherry on top…


That little finishing touch that might not seem like it’s that big of a deal but somehow pulls it all together.

Architectural Digest

Gorgeous drapes instantly add that air of finality from the bedroom to the living room and everywhere in between.


We were lucky enough last weekend to receive some beyond gorgeous drapes from our friends at Barn & Willow. And, let me tell you, this adorable hook bag and sleek, streamlined packaging is just the tip of the iceberg.


The customer service is second to none because, shockingly enough, Barn & Willow is run by actual human beings! Who email you back! And even help you figure out exactly how to hang their draperies that–have we mentioned?– are utterly to die for. You can even reach out to them for design assistance! And Barn & Willow is always happy to send fabric swatches for their drapes and roman shades.



And they give 1% to the community, which is just an added bonus!

Screenshot 2015-09-07 12.58.39

When these beauties (this is the backside!) arrived, they were so thick and so heavy and so luscious that we could barely carry them up the stairs. And the craftsmanship on these drapes? Total perfection. We could literally rave all day. But here’s where we were nervous. The drapes we got weren’t pleated (although they can be. Barn & Willow can do ANYTHING you want!) because we wanted that more laid-back, more casual feel. We were nervous about placing the hooks and making them look right. (We’ve had bad experiences in the past.) The real people at Barn & Willow assured us that we could handle it. And they arrived with this perfect band for placing the hooks. It was so simple we didn’t even have to call in professional reinforcements! (Again. This has happened to us before.)

1Harvey Home 121

So, this is my room in Beaufort. You can see in the corner over there that the formerly pristine white drapes that we thought were going to be so cute had turned very dark in no time flat! They looked… rough. To say the least. 


Not any more! Have you ever seen drapes as gorgeous? And would you even ever know that we had inserted these hooks ourselves sans pleats in about two minutes? We sure don’t think so. I actually woke up to the happy shock that these fresh, fabulous oyster Belgian linen drapes had replaced those dingy, faded ones.


My little “office” corner with the water view where the books tend to get written is even better with this amazing new addition. So thank you, Barn & Willow! We couldn’t be more thrilled.

If you want to be thrilled too, you must, must peruse this fabulous collection, which also includes pillows and throws. Barn & Willow’s motto is: “Custom Luxury Drapery. Three Times Faster. One-Third the Price.” And, when we tell you these are some of the finest drapes we’ve ever seen, at an almost too good to be true price tag, that’s not an exaggeration at all. 

They are launching a few new must-see fabrics today (like this Belgian Flax Linen!), so head over to Barn & Willow and check them out — and maybe even use this amazing 10% off coupon that they are extending to Design Chic readers! ($50 OFF for all drapery orders over $350.
The promo code for $50 OFF  is valid through Nov 9, 2015 – MYDESIGNCHIC.

Have a great afternoon, sweet friends. Wishing you a wonderful introduction to fall!