Good morning, chic friends! We’re celebrating the very first day of fall today by taking a trip to… Laguna Beach! There’s no reason not to savor warm weather just a little bit longer, right? Although, we have to admit, the falling leaves are absolutely lovely, and a sign of the cooler weather to come.


Designer Carolyne Ferguson of Carolyne Ferguson Design in Newport Beach orchestrated this fabulously beautiful house in Laguna Beach, a gorgeous summer home but also perfect for living all year round.


Ferguson’s design experience spans twenty years and ranges from implementing extensive architectural plans to reimagining interiors.


This beautiful home recently landed Ferguson on the cover of California Home‘s Ode to Summer issue, and we can see why!


A stunning, expansive view is always a good place to start. And this home boasts a beautiful one. We love seeing it out of these gorgeous windows!


“Light” and “fresh” are the first words that come to mind in this master retreat. The perfect place to relax and clear your mind!


Barn doors are, to us, an accessory for the room. We love how they create a feeling of openness in a space and make the transition between bedroom and bath seamless.


The use of two different tiles on this floor is a unique way to add interest to a white bath. It’s stunning all the way around!


Twin beds with luscious bedding are a favorite choice for guests. Lovely mirrored doors open the room and make it seem even larger and brighter.


A half-bath nook can sometimes just fade away–but not in this space! This lovely vignetter makes the most of the small space, packing a big punch.


Outdoor spaces are by far our favorite–especially in places where the weather is mild enough to enjoy them all year round. This outdoor fireplace is simply stunning!


But it always comes back to the view, isn’t it? At the end of the day, the beautiful accoutrements inside and out are all meant to complement the most beautiful part of all: the landscape right outside the door.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, wonderful readers! It’s always a pleasure to spend our day with you!