Jute Interiors

It serves a very important purpose, sure. But, to us, the bathroom is also one of the best places in the house to have a little fun!


Gorgeous vanities, too-good-to-be-true tubs, faucets that make your morning shower an experience… They are all details that personalize a space.

Terra Cotta Properites Red Papaya Blog

A simple pedestal sink is one of our favorite ways to transform a small space. It is such a streamlined look. And adding a flower always brightens the bath!

Molly Frey Design

Of course, the lack of storage that comes along with pedestal sinks can be tricky. But, in a bath like this that offers plenty of other opportunities for stashing toiletries and other essentials, the pedestal sink is the perfect choice!


Pieces that go in the bathroom, don’t necessarily have to have been made for the bathroom. We adore the idea of transforming an old chest into a sink and vanity. And isn’t the apothecary cabinet perfect?

M. Frederick Design

Modern tile work and stone patterns create instant impact. But, in any bath, a stack of neat, organized towels is, to us, always the best accessory!


The addition of wood in the bathroom offers instant charm. And the view from the bathtub isn’t bad either!

Pamela Pierce

Talk about one of a kind! This space proves that you really can do anything you want with a bath!


We love mixing materials in the bathroom. Marble and subway tile go together perfectly for a chic look.


From staid and refined…

Tracery Interiors 

To laid-back and casual, there’s a perfect bath for every home and to capture any feeling. Unique layouts like this one always grab our attention and inspire us to look at a space in a different way. 

What would your dream bathroom look like?

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