We always, always love stumbling upon a fabulous designer’s work to shout from the rooftops. (But you probably knew that already!)

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When that fabulous designer lives in our very own state of North Carolina, all the better! 

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We’ve long loved Liz Carroll’s inspiring interiors, which were influenced by the variety of architectural and design styles she grew up with.

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Both Liz’s mother and sister have worked in luxury interiors for years, exposing her to the best of the best of the design world from an early age.

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Just one glance at her work, and we’d say that the impeccable taste most definitely rubbed off!


Is this room just the cutest? The perfect elephant, the perfect Roman shades, and, of course, the perfect puppy! 

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This nightstand is a great modern touch.


The animals are at once childlike and chic, ideal for growing with the child. The dresser is amazing, obviously.


Bunk beds are one of our all-time kids’ room favorites. They add an instant air of fun! 


What’s better than bunk beds? Four twins in a row! We can only imagine the fun that friends, cousins and siblings could have in this coastal retreat. 


Charming twin beds make the most incredible guest bedroom.

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And, with a view like this, your guests might want to stay awhile… Thanks for stopping by today to see the gorgeously good taste of our friend Liz Carroll. 


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