Blue is the New Black

Designing a room can be tricky–especially if you’re a super visual person who is trying to make decisions based on ideas. But, even if you aren’t close to a showroom, Prospect and Vine , a fabulous new company that we are LOVING, creates a virtual one that you can peruse in the comfort of your own (soon-to-be-fabulous) living room. 


Natural Elements

Prospect + Vine displays fabrics, furnishings and amazing accessories all in one place–along with free advice! (Or none at all. They get it. Sometimes we’d prefer to peruse in private, sans pushy salesgirl.)

Layering with Textiles

Of all that Prospect + Vine does, one of our most favorite of their services is the fabulous curtains.

Ikat Essentials

Drapes can be kind of tricky. Grommet or pinch pleat. Rod pocket or shade. 

Fresh Florals

And don’t even get us started on the fabrics. Going to all those stores to find the right fabric, the right colors, the right style…

The Statement Chair

But Prospect + Vine makes that all so simple, whether you need assistance or prefer to go it alone.


Faux Roman Shades

A blank, white space, becomes a vibrant, pattern-filled family room.

Sublime Softness

And this company takes quality seriously. Instead of single panels, these curtains are sold in pairs, ensuring a perfect match and the right length every time. 

Playing with Patterns

So you can create a look you love while ensuring that the details are just right — and the disappointment never comes! (Take it from people who had eighteen windows, thirty-two curtains, all made ten inches too short: It’s good when someone has your back.)

East + West

In the right fabric and style, curtains are the ideal finishing touch to any room, like that great accessory that completes the outfit. And, with Prospect + Vine’s talented team of seamstresses, 1,000 fabrics to choose from, and their meticulous hemming service, you can’t go wrong. 

Color Pop

Best of all, they’re made in the USA. A simple master suite becomes a vibrant retreat with the right touches. Well done, we’d say! We’re sure you agree!

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For more info about Prospect + Vine, check out this great video!