We are so happy to have our fabulous friend Mary Ann from Classic, Casual Home with us today to share her favorite color combination: black and white! (We have to say that we’re partial to her furriest little black and white friend.) We have long loved Mary Ann’s beautiful blog and it is a part of our morning coffee-and-blog-reading  routine! It’s almost as fabulous as her Chez Vous home services–and her own beautiful home! When you’re over at her blog you must make sure you don’t miss a thing! Thanks, Mary Ann for sharing your well-honed eye and gorgeous inspiration with our readers today. We are all so lucky to have you here today!

Don’t you just love the stylish and sophisticated ladies of Design Chic?  I’m interested in anything that Kristy and Beth have to show!

So, I was flattered when they asked me to post about my favorite colors and immediately said YES!  I thought “favorite colors…but, I like too many.”  And then I thought “oh well, I’ll worry about that when I have to write the post.”  Like now.

How to narrow it down?  I recommend that my clients look in their closets for color inspiration.  In mine, there is a lot of black and white.  Hey, this is a good starting point!

California French Cottage

Black and white is timeless and enduring.

My friend, Annie, from Most Lovely Things is a big believer in black and white.
My sidekick, Chief, happens to be black and white, too.
With black and white, you can add pops of color like pink…
Or teal…
Or indigo!
Thanks so much, Beth and Kristy for inviting me over.  Such a pleasure!
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2PicMonkey Collage

1PicMonkey Collage