Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? Braving the lines at the grocery store? Packing your bags for a cross-country family adventure?


Whatever your holiday holds, we think you deserve a break!


And our friend Leigh Olive Mowry, prinicipal of Atlanta-based Olive Interiors, founded in 1998, has shared her inspiring work with us to provide just that!


The thing that immediately drew us to Mowry’s work was the bright, vibrant colors! 


A splash of color in a light fixture is one of our favorite ways to define the entire personality of a room. We adore this juxtaposition of wood-paneled walls and a fancy chandelier.


We tend to shy away from heavily patterned and colored rugs because it can be difficult to design around them. But this space is pitch–and palette–perfect!


Don’t you love a beautiful floor lamp? We know we do. It instantly brightens a space. And when that space is orange, all the better!


Everyone fights over the booths at the restaurant. So why not have booths in the comfort of your own home? We love it! The colors and patterns make this space so vibrant that we would want to wake up and come straight downstairs!


What’s better than orange? Orange and blue and orange and hot pink! This fabulous abstract art ties it all together seamlessly!


Pops of bamboo and touches of gold are fabulous touchstones in this chic space! Thanks so much, for brightening our day, Leigh. We hope her fabulous work brightened yours as well!

1PicMonkey Collage


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.55.34 PM
Dear Carolina

Are you ready for all that awesome holiday shopping? Have you started? Are you finished? Maybe somewhere in between? My mom, the elf, was wrapping up some beautiful Dear Carolinas for some early Christmas shoppers, and we thought Hey, what if we could do this for everyone? So, if you want to get a truly personalized holiday gift, just purchase Dear Carolina at your favorite local bookstore (indies rock!!!), Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Powell’s or wherever else you love buying books, email me at kristy @ kristy woodson (take the spaces out, of course!), and I’ll send you a personalized bookplate for the person (or people!) of your choice, a gorgeous bookmark and plenty of ribbon to tie up your own copy in style!

The even better part? We’re going to pick one lucky buyer (or sharer!) to win a $250 Amazon gift card to help with the rest of your holiday shopping! We’ll announce the winner December 15, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your goodies. (But Santa will be delivering those signed bookplates on his sleigh all the way up until December 18!) Find out how to enter below!


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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