Designers of the 2015 Southern Living Showhouse… Featured in Country French, At Home in Arkansas, AY Magazine and Southern Lady… About to open a brand-new design studio in Little Rock… We’d say the ladies of Providence, Ltd, don’t really need much more introduction than that! Oh, except just to say that they are fabulous and wonderful friends, and we are so honored that they took time out of their crazy schedules to share a bit with us today about their favorite colors. We don’t need to tell you that their picks are incredible; they most certainly speak for themselves! So take a peek at the lovely inspiration below and then go check them out at their online home! Thanks for sharing with us today, Mona! It’s such a wonderful treat!

We are so excited to be a part of Design Chic’s Friday Guest Blogger Color Series…We spend lots of time every day helping clients navigate the world of color to choose just the right shades for their own personal style. We thought you might be interested in hearing how we approach the process of choosing colors and then reveal our favorite go to accent color that is not trendy, is timeless and will work in any space.

Miss Design Says

There is endless debate over the question which to choose first…fabrics or paint?

Our process is quite simple.

We like to choose our fabrics first. There are so many gorgeous fabrics for upholstery and window treatments if you are lucky enough to be able to COM your fabrics. That route can also become very expensive so a lot of clients need to choose upholstery straight from the showroom floor. This drastically reduces the choices. Either way we like to choose fabrics first. There are always endless paint choices.

Little Miss Shabby

When we start from scratch we discuss colors that appeal to the client…Select fixed surfaces such as marble, granite or tile, choose fabrics …then we choose paint…Accent colors are chosen last.

Providence Design, Ltd

Often we are not starting from scratch. We are re-working all or part of just a few rooms in the house.

The order is still pretty much the same…Take a look at all of the givens…those things that will not change such as countertops, rugs, some upholstery pieces….Then we talk about the new direction in terms of colors that will work with the givens…choose any new fabrics and if painting is to be done we would choose it last…The very most important thing would be that all new choices update the space but continue to flow with what is already there.

Design Collector

Now every single fabric does not have to be chosen at this point…Just enough to determine the over all palette and direction. The last thing you want to do is decide ok I think I will just paint my room this beautiful gray…and when you start looking at fabrics you decide to go another direction and wish you had painted another color.

OK…your over all palette has been determined…It’s time to add the jewelry…Your accent colors.

One Kings Lane



OK…You guessed it…It’s Classic Black! It looks good on anything…


And yes…Black is a color, the perception of which is evoked by the total absence of light. Black is the darkest possible color. And it goes with everything!!!


We could not agree with Jan Showers more…This truth is the foundation for our overall design aesthetic. Something old and something new with a touch of black is as timeless as it gets. And it will never, never be considered trendy or go out of style…

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


La Tribu d?Anaximandre

From the front door to the garden gate in the back…black is always a wonderful option.

An Anglo in Québec


Providence Ltd Design


Savannah London


Heirloom Philosophy

You can totally commit to this very chic awesome color…or just add a hint here and there…We adore windows and doors painted black. Our choice for the Southern Living Idea House that we decorated last Spring…

Southern Living Design House


Southern Living Design House


Meet Me in Philadelphia

Robert Hadley chose a stronger commitment to black when he painted both the windows and trim jet black…Beautiful!

Simply Seleta

Black and white art is both modern and classic…

Nest Egg


Providence Ltd Design


Renee Fineberg


Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Black is always a beautiful choice for the kitchen…


Love, love the way Nate Berkus paired black with our latest brass crush in his awesome new kitchen.

Nate Berkus


Desire to Inspire

Black is a fashion staple…

The Glitter Guide Tumblr

And who doesn’t look absolutely stunning in a little Black dress???

Elie Tahari
Everything Went Black Tumblr

Colors are an extension of our personality. Black is a color of power and strength. It is both sophisticated and elegant. It can be worn anywhere any time and definitely is welcome in any room. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of black…

Thank you Beth and Kristy for inviting us to share our thoughts with you and your readers today…We love your blog. Its one of the first we open with our cup of coffee every morning. We have followed you since the very beginning and are so proud of your success! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you both!

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