Suzanne Kasler blue and white pillows in living room
Suzanne Kasler


Good morning, chic, lovely readers! Happy Hannukah to those of you who celebrate. We hope it’s off to a great start. Speaking of holidays, we don’t know about you, but we are getting ready, ready, ready. 

Melissa Haynes Design

And we want to know: Do you change out your pillows are and accessories throughout the year? 

Chango & Co

Full disclosure: We don’t. We think that would be super cool, but we’re way more likely to trade things out every few years than trade them out all throughout the year.

Melissa Haynes

At any rate, no matter your swapping tendencies, we all know that pillows, art and accessories transform a room. They just do. 

Chango & Co.

Don’t those special touches make a room?

LDa Architects

These vibrant paintings transform this from a neutral stairwell to a bright, fun focal point.

Sue de Chiara via One Kings Lane

This living room is Sue de Chiara’s of one of our favorite shops and blogs, The Zhush! Isn’t this art the perfect touch of whimsy? It instantly enlivens the entire room!

Serena and Lily

This simple sofa could go from formal to casual, neutral to bright, with the addition of just a couple of accessories. It is positively flop-worthy. (Just ask this little girl!)


Without further ado, here are the fabulous Lauren Worth paintings we were telling you about. She describes her work as “a combination of organic representational imagery and abstract geometric forms.”  



Her paintings take one-of-a-kind to a new level, a combination of acrylic paints, handmade and decorative papers, dried leaves, magazine clippings, and original stencils and drawings.

Lauren’s lovely work is all about patterns of organic energy, metamorphosis, and the fact that nothing in the natural world ever stays the same because it’s always turning into something else. She says, “I love working in collage as it’s manipulative and messy where many times the torn scrap piece of paper on the floor is the best choice for a composition. My paintings have a mind of their own; it’s best not to have too many preconceived notions about what the they will ultimately look like. Always evolving, my main theme now is creating gardens of beauty and strangeness where insect wings turn into flowers, sea anemones sprout in the forest, butterflies morph into leaves, and chicken feathers grow on trees. I love taking images out of their natural context and placing them in habitats that don’t make a lot of sense but force us to look more closely at the magic that already exists in the natural world. As the French poet Charles Baudelaire said, ‘Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.'” 

Lauren is represented by the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York and Tyler White O’Brien Gallery in Greensboro, NC. She also shows at international art fairs through the Wickiser Gallery. 

 And if you order by December 15, your pillow will be signed by the artist and delivered in time for Christmas. They’re the perfect way to revamp your space… In fact, they might have inspired us to change it up for the holidays!