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Happy Christmas Eve Eve, dear friends! We do oh so love this day. Do you? As it is with so, so many things in life, the anticipation of the event is quite often nearly as fun as the thing itself. While we’re prepping the food and waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, drinking tea and listening to Christmas music (and eating our body weight in fudge…) we had to, as we hope you will, take the time to tour this incredible home designed by Anna Burke. It is stunning from top to bottom, but the coffee table in the living room and the artwork in the master bedroom are truly not to be missed. We’ll be thinking of them long after the first bottle of champagne is popped!  

house tour anna bu

house tour AnnaBurke_1509_8HorseMeadow_040

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house tour AnnaBurke_1509_8HorseMeadow_915

Whatever your Christmas Eve Eve holds, we hope this luscious house tour brightened your day! We know it did ours!

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