We’re still savoring those last moments of Christmas lights and hanging stockings and sweet-smelling pine needles. And, as difficult as it is to believe, today my hubby and I have been married for eight years! So, there’s still lots to celebrate before 2015 ends.


Are you a big fan of New Year’s? Or do you think it’s kind of overrated? We love a fresh start and, while, sure, you can theoretically have a fresh start any old time, it feels different on January 1.


I, for one, love resolutions. I’m a big, huge, resolution fan and try to keep them going throughout the year. It’s pretty much the only way anything happens in my life, actually… 


The thing that we come back to every January 1, year after year, is tweaking our homes to be more serene, more haven like.


Because saying that becoming our best selves begins at home is not just something that sounds nice. It’s true. It’s where the day begins and ends, the foundation for what we carry out into the world.


And we have noticed that when our houses become cluttered, our minds become more cluttered as well.


And that’s never good.


So it’s wonderful that we have fabulous designers, with gorgeously good taste, like Palmer Weiss, to lend a little pre-New Year’s inspiration.


Do you have any 2016 goals for your home? Any junk drawers that need taming or scary closets that need to be met head on?


Any rooms that don’t inspire you at all? Any accessories that make you cringe every time you look at them?


The good news is that, as this designer proves, it’s quite often the little things that make the biggest difference, that define a room in all it’s luxe glory.


From adding that little throw pillow that completes the look,


To finally tackling that lighting situation that could make a place so magical, we think there’s no reason not to make 2016 your home’s best year yet! We don’t know about you, but we’re adding that one to our list.

Hope you enjoy these fleeting moments of the holiday season! Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today!

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