Design by Marianne Simon Interiors, Bellevue, WA

With the holiday decorating and shopping in full swing, it’s one of those times of year when it begins to feel like maybe more really is more.

Design by Marianne Simon Interiors, Bellevue, WA

With all of the swooping garland and twinkling lights and extra holiday accessories leaving their mark around every corner–not to mention the piles of presents waiting to be wrapped–it can start to feel a little… crowded.

Design by Marianne Simon Interiors, Bellevue, WA

If you need to take a deep breath and clear the mental clutter for a minute, we know you’ll appreciate the gorgeously good taste of Marianne Simon Design


We are totally enamored of her streamlined designs that feel at once finished and uncluttered.

Drop in window view and shade - take out the outlets and light switch on backsplash. Fill in base board under dishwasher left of sink.

No detail is left to chance. Notice the lack of light switches and outlets on the backsplash. This kitchen has all the trappings of a serene haven.

Design by Marianne Simon Interiors, Bellevue, WA

Patterned shades add just the right amount of color and pattern to still create a clean feel.


White built-ins create the right backdrop for changing this space at a moment’s notice. The upholstery can be updated at any time, and this fixture is one of our favorite shades that never gets old.


This range really needs no comment. It’s utterly fabulous. And blue and white seem to be about as timeless a color combination as anyone could hope for!

Design by Kasa Architecture, Susan Ingham, Architect

A smaller space is still perfectly appointed in the hands of a talented team.


Not an inch is wasted and everything is purposeful, just like we like it.


This is one of our favorite fridges, but, truth be told, we find the idea of keeping it looking like this a little daunting!


This looks like the perfect place to put your feet up and stay nice and warm by the fire–with a cup of hot cocoa, of course–while enjoying all the beautiful trappings of the holidays. The uncluttered spaces will be back soon enough. For now, let’s cherish the cheer! Happy December, everyone. We hope it’s magical!


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