So, for months now, we’ve been savoring the balmy, 70-degree weather, avoiding the fact that one day we are going to pay. Now, we are paying. It is c-o-o-ol-l-l-d-d-d in North Carolina! (Well, like high 20s, so North Carolina cold… Not, as my four-year-old informed me this morning, Michigan cold.) 


It’s amazing how, all through Christmas, we whined that it would be nice for a little cold Christmas weather and now, after two days of it, we’re already wishing for Spring. For more reasons than one…


First and foremost, my new novel Lies and Other Acts of Love comes out on April 5–so three months from today! (Well… yesterday when you guys are reading this!) And, because it’s important to worry about the really critical things, I’m mainly concerned that, because the cold started so late, it will continue longer than usual and the dresses I bought for my tour won’t work with the weather. Serious stuff here, people.


Anyway, we have a few months to ponder that. In the meantime, let’s worry about more exciting things like how fabulous this living room is. This room is so chic, and we especially love that it can transition from neutral to colorful and fun with the addition of just a couple of details. So great!


There’s nothing quite like black and white. We have these prints, so it’s probably pretty clear that we think they’re super cool.This is a good decorating-lesson moment too because we would never have thought to hang a piece of art that was larger than the furniture. But, balanced by these chairs, it looks great!


Kitchens just make a house, don’t they. These pendants were some of our top contenders for our Beaufort house.


The open shelving makes everything feel airier in this island.


There’s nothing that isn’t fabulous about this bath. If we had to pick a favorite part, we think we’d say the mirror.


One word: chandelier. Blown glass makes such a modern statement while remaining airy and elegant. 


A touch of water blue brings it all together, doesn’t it. (I know. I have my book on the brain today. But the cover is the most gorgeous blue… I’m a little excited.)


Elegant interiors are even chicer when the outside is just as good. The stone floor is a great segue between the two.


There’s nothing to say here. It’s just so good.


And, ohhhh, the exterior. New England at its finest. It makes us want to visit again.. in, oh, say, August! Wherever you are today, we hope you’re staying warm! Thanks so much for visiting with us today.

New England Home Magazine

Photographer: Michael Partenio

Designer – John Stefanon