Mary-Bryan Peyer

You know good taste when you see it. It strikes you like lightning, kind of like love at first sight.


If you don’t have room in your heart for any more love today, then we urge you to close your eyes!


Because the good taste of Mary-Bryan Peyer is going to make you feel something. 


For us, that something is utterly refreshed, which is exactly how you should feel if you’re in St. Simons or Sea Island, GA, where this firm is based.

mary bryan

The designer’s gorgeous mix of color and texture, just the right pieces with just the right accessories… Well, it’s pretty universally fabulous.


For, I don’t know, say the past seven years or so, my hubby has gone on and on about how great our kitchen would look if we turned it into a solarium. (And it would, but, I mean, come on…) So he’s going to be a little jealous of this one.


But, even in the absence of an all-glass roof, this designer has no trouble turning a kitchen into a light-filled haven.


And, if you’re like us, the place where you have your morning coffee needs to wake you up, not make you want to get back in bed.


We spend a lot of our time looking at a lot of decor. And we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen barstools quite like these. Too cool!

mary bryan1

One of the best things to us about this designer is that she knows where to be subdued, and she knows where to be spunky. We don’t know about you, but we’re loving this spunk! (Another room that says, “Hey! Wake up!”)


But, then again, sometimes you prefer to go at a little slower pace, to feel soothed by a space. And literally bathing in luxury.

mary bry32

Coastal touches make this room beachy without taking a turn for the kitschy. The bed is so amazing!


To us, anything from the natural world fits right in. These sea fans are both beautiful and add a refreshing pop of color. We love how the red carries through from the accessory on the nightstand in the bedroom.


Speaking of bedrooms… Could this one possibly be more charming? This is such a great use of a small space and is perfect for kids and adult guests alike. 

So what do you think of Mary-Bryan Peyer’s work? Was it love at first sight for you too?