We’re big fans of family businesses. When those family businesses happen to consist of Paul and Katie Hackworth of H2 Design + Build, we’re totally smitten! We featured this fabulous design-and-build duo in a house tour but that didn’t seem like quite enough! So, today, for your viewing pleasure, we have more of their good taste!


This dynamic couple has a certain flair that we love, a sort of youthful energy that feels like family and fun and function all rolled into one.


And they can take the simplest things–like clementines in a bowl–and turn them into a focal point.



Industrial touches–like these stools and this bowl–add an edgy feel.


But it’s always perfectly balanced with more sophisticated elements.


This mixture of brass and stainless is beautiful and elegant. 


Pot fillers are always welcome.


And a great vent hood becomes a statement!


Ghost chairs at a farm table is one of our favorite looks. And, again, with elements like apples, pinecones and branches, simplicity rules the decor.


Throw pillows can be pretty, but they can also be kind of a pain. This is the perfect compromise between elegant and excessive. 


This is a fun twist on a pair of twin beds. It’s a great use of space too!


Accessories are great, but, again, one of our favorite things about H2 is the practicality of their designs. Who needs superfluous knick knacks when you can decorate and store at the same time?

Thanks so much for stopping by today!