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Good morning, chic readers! We are so, so excited to have our friend Kelly from Talk of the House here today to share with us a bit about her favorite color: red! Kelly has long been one of our favorite bloggers, and if you don’t follow her gorgeous blog, you should! She, like us, is a big fan of fresh flowers, pressed linens and hot fudge sundaes. And, one glance at this gorgeous post she has created for us, and you’ll see that her taste is flawless. If she sounds like your kind of girl, make sure to check out Talk of the House

I am so happy to be writing about my favorite color here today. Beth and Kristy are the epitome of classic taste, so I am thrilled to be here at Design Chic!

Even a brief glance at my blog, Talk of the House, will give you a quick clue to my favorite color. I have been a fan of red for as long as I can remember. It is the color of love and energy – both good things! (Not to mention its celebratory connections to Christmas, the 4th of July, and Valentine’s Day.) Two decades ago we had a large dose of red covering the walls of our dining room. After tiring of that, we went with the smaller impact of a red sofa in our living room. Today, my use of red has been toned down even more, but I still admire rooms that showcase it in a large quantity.

It looks great contrasted with gorgeous white trim.

Anthony Baratta West Chester nautical


Pottery Barn living room in BM Million Dollar Redsource

Red brings warmth and coziness – perfect for this Gil Schafer designed library…

Gil Schafer library in red


and this one by Blaine Johnson of JP Interiors.

library by Blaine Johnson of JP Interiorssource

Although I do admire spaces that have a liberal use of red, I am more prone to have it as an accent color today. Here are a few rooms that show how a small amount of it can create a big impact.

Sarah Richardson makes frequent use of red, and these mismatched beds are pure eye candy to me.

Sarah Richardson red beds


Here she mixes the color with gray (again) for another space showcasing red’s ability to add depth and contrast.

Sarahs House red accents


Windsor Smith brazenly brought in red to liven up this dining area. Do you think white or gray lanterns and chairs would have been nearly as attractive? (Certainly not to me. 🙂 )

Windsor Smith red chairs


Even just one piece of furniture painted the racy shade can do wonders for a room.

red kitchen island


red bathroom vanitysource

Still not quite that brave?
How about these with just a hint of the color?

A bedroom in Atlanta by Barbara Westbrook…

Barbara Westbrook Muscogee


or Holly Mathis’ new living room

Holly Mathis living roomsource

You can always take red outside.
I am not sure I would be brave enough to paint our entire exterior bright red…
(although this is lovely)

Stowe farmhouse painted red


But, I would most definitely use it on the front door. In China, a red door is considered good luck. In Scotland, doors were painted red when the homeowner’s mortgage was paid off, and here in the United States, it is a symbol of welcome – historically, a safe place to stop and rest.

red front doorsource

red doorsource

And of course, you can always shop at the store with the red front door…

Talbots red doorsource

and emerge looking gorgeous wearing red…

Talbots spring 2016


or maybe carrying a new red bag. 🙂

Talbots bags


So are you a fan of red or not? With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, perhaps you will add a touch of it to one of your spaces. I hope you have fun with this joyous color!

red globe from etsy


Until next time…

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p.s. Oh, and if you would like to see some of the red in our home (and there is a lot!) just follow the links here and here for a small serving of it. 🙂

Thanks so much, Kelly, for brightening up our Friday. We hope your weekend is just as fabulous!

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