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Happy first real week of 2016, everyone! We don’t know about you, but, for us, this is when the resolution stuff really starts. We’re just getting back home tonight from being gone since the 21st or so. And the startling realization that we have cars full of so much stuff that we may be trying to put it away until next New Year’s is not a good way to start the year on an organized note… 



But, just like with anything else, it’s a little at a time.

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

And the bathrooms, which are usually some of the smallest spaces in the house with some of the least stuff, seem like a good place to start the organization frenzy.

Chango and Co


Because it’s where we start and end the day, it seems like a natural place to get in perfect working order. 

Architectural designer Scott Mitchell – decorator Denise Kuriger via Architectural Digest


My morning tends to work better when I can actually put my hand on that blush brush that I like instead of sifting through the four in my make-up organizer.

DESIGNER: Ray Booth – PHOTOGRAPHER: Pieter Estersohn via Architectural Digest


(Why, why, why have I not gotten rid of the three I hate already?)

DESIGNER: Ashe + Leandro – PHOTOGRAPHER: Björn Wallander via Archtectural Digest


Just like a freshly made bed is nicer to climb into, a freshly organized and tidy sink top is a great way to wake up.

ARCHITECT: Shelton, Mindel & Associates -PHOTOGRAPHER: William Waldron- Architectural Digest


And these gorgeous bathroom inspiration photos will have you feeling ready to take on anything.

Mary McDonald via One Kings Lane


Even that gigantic Santa stash that must be stored somewhere…

Photo by William Waldron via One Kings Lane


Wishing you a wonderful first full week of 2016. Thanks for making Design Chic a part of your day!