bookcase jkklong

Our friend, fellow blogger and fabulous artist Kendall Boggs emailed us the other day with a big question: What, oh what, was she to do with her bookcases? 


Now, full disclosure: My first instinct was to tell her to fill it with copies of my new book, Lies and Other Acts of Love–which comes out in just a little over two months!–and Dear Carolina, of course.

Andrew J. Howard

And, while I’m quite certain that my good friend Kendall will want to do that somewhere in her house, for the particular bookcase she was asking about, she was more interested in a sleek, streamlined look.

book-case-light mark sikes
Mark D. Sikes

And we totally get that because we love a serene looking space. 

bookcases studio mcgee3
Studio Mcgee

And isn’t it funny how times change? At some point in the not-so-distant past, we would have thought that this bookcase looked something near empty. Now, we think it’s perfection. And those library lights? Amazing! They could make even a plain bookcase look incredible.

bookcases studio mcg3
Studio Mcgee

In this gorgeous case, each section is like an event! On their own, each little vignette is beautiful. Combined, they’re even better!

Laura Tutun Interiors

A mix of books and trinkets is probably our favorite combination. Of course, I could never part with enough of my treasured books to achieve this look. But, for some people, we’re sure it’s great!

Studio McGee

When we think of bookcases, we think of symmetry right off the bat. But this elegant display proves that it doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical to be chic.

Tamara Magel Design

Of course, you can still keep all your favorite volumes and achieve that uniform look. These white spines are so crisp.

Lynn Morgan Design

Painting the backs of the bookcases adds dimension and flair. We love the idea of a colorful backdrop with white accessories popping. 

We hope these lovely photos provided plenty of inspiration, Kendall–and for all of you! What’s your favorite bookcase look? Chock full of spines? Sparse and clean? Or somewhere in between?