Amy D. Morris Design via Atlanta Homes and Gardens


A beautiful bathroom is one of our favorite luxuries. A beautiful bathroom with an incredible freestanding tub is almost too good to talk about!

freestandning tub Drew McGukin desig cottages gardesInnovation-Design-Winners-Bath-Design-Drew-McGukin-Interiors
Drew McGukin via NYC&G


If your New Year’s Resolution was to relax more we can’t think of a better way than a long soak in a fabulous tub.

Andrew Skurman Architects


White freestanding tubs are great. But metallic? Total luxury!

Lee F. Mindel via Architectural Digest


Add a city view to that, and we don’t even need to see the rest of the pied a terre! We’re sold!

Kelly Wolf-Anthony via Atlanta Homes Design


When your bathroom is this beautiful, why wouldn’t you want to hang out and stay awhile? We know we would! The lucite legs on this ottoman are perfection.  

Grayson Harris Interior Design via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


Freestanding tubs are already on a pedestal in our minds, so why not in real life too? Gold touches are always great! 

Brooks Falotico Associates via CTC&G


A beautiful bathing alcove seems quite appropriate for a bathroom this beautiful. 

Aquatica Bath


We’ve heard of outdoor showers. But outdoor baths? Pass the bubbles! (The bubble bath kind and the champagne kind!)

Geoff Chick and AssociatesJack Gardner Photography


If you think a freestanding tub is too glamorous and isn’t your taste, think again. This streamlined soaking tub complements this rustic bath in style.

Riverside Design via NYC&G


If you don’t have the perfect wall for a soaking tub, no big deal. Putting it in the middle of the room is always chic!

Jean Randazzo Photography


These plank ceilings add so much charm. 

Barbara Westbrook via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


Do you see this marble molding? What a fabulous way to round out a gorgeous room. We don’t know about you, but we’d be pretty excited to begin and end the day in any one of these amazing spaces! We hope you have a wonderful day!