I’m busy packing today. But not for this gorgeous Sea Island home designed by Mary-Bryan Peyer. (If you missed yesterday, check out more of her good taste.)


Nope. I just mailed a box to my hotel containing a Cinderella costume, (complete with crinoline and boning) a fairy costume, several tiaras, a bejeweled cowgirl hat… 


Where is this grown woman going where she needs this odd assortment of costumes, you might wonder. Disney World?


Nope. Just a book event. But not any old book event. I am one of the authors speaking this weekend at the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend’s Weekend in Nacogdoches, TX. And, let me tell you, head Queen Kathy Murphy doesn’t play around when it comes to fun.


In fact, having fun is just as mandatory in the 600 book club chapters over which she presides as wearing tiaras at all times. (Which is why I need three. That and that have you seen yourself in a tiara lately? It’s pretty good.) 


So, needless to say, my weekend might be a little more glittery and over-the-top than this perfectly tranquil, serene retreat.


And, while we all need a little fun every now and then, coming home to this lovely corner of serenity is right up my alley.


This coastal Sea Island, GA home is just another example of Mary-Bryan Peyer’s concept of beach chic. And it’s right up our alley!


Nothing too loud or over the top (unlike my outfits for the weekend…). Just a stunning place that blends with its surroundings, letting the nature outside the door take center stage. That’s something that all of us, no matter our taste, could use from time to time.

Whatever the rest of the week holds for you, we hope it’s wonderful. And, if you’re feeling kind of down, try wearing a tiara while you’re doing your housework. Or, like these lovely Pulpwood ladies have done, curl up with copy of Dear Carolina or pre-order Lies and Other Acts of Love. It will really turn things around!