If you’ve followed us for a while, you know we are in complete awe of designers whose work really runs the gamut. Sure, picking a certain style and sticking with it has its charms, but we’re always amazed by those designers that can achieve a wide variety of looks for different homes–and homeowners.


Enter the good taste of Bliss Design. While the soothing tones and streamlined feel of their work seem to be a theme, from coastal charm to traditional blue and white, these designers’ work is in good taste.


A coastal look can be particularly difficult to pull off in good taste. And Bliss Design, in our opinion, absolutely nails it. The centerpiece, table legs and chandelier give a coastal nod, but the furnishings are anywhere-chic.


Speaking of anywhere chic… We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a bathtub quite like this one! It is so glamorous!


But what may be even more glamorous is bathing with a view like this one.


For the best in a streamlined bookcase, we think Bliss hits the nail on the head with this display. (Of course, a copy of Lies and Other Acts of Love is the perfect color to complement this gorgeous bookcase!)


The only thing more adorable than that this piece might be the way it is accessorized! It’s very functional.


Blue sky and city view are the perfect backdrop for this posh bathroom. 


Beautiful blue and white is always in style and gives a traditional nod to any space. 


It makes the perfect statement against this white hutch and blends beautifully with fresh greens. 

So what do you think about Bliss Home’s style?

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