If you were thinking your Monday morning was going to be boring, think again! We are so, so, so excited to share Brooke and Steve Giannetti‘s second book Patina Farm with all of you!


The dynamic duo of architect Steve Gianetti and the lovely designer and author of the blog Velvet and Linen, Brooke Gianetti, have created an amazing collaboration with Patina Farm in Ojai, CA. 


Patina Farm is the gorgeous account of the collaboration in photographs, words and sketches.


Inspired by the couple’s travels in Belgium and France, Terra Cotta roof tiles, stone sinks, reclaimed barn beams and architectural elements combine to bring warmth and texture to the home.


It uniquely blends the indoors and outdoors with appropriate attention to detail in both.


And the ample doors and windows create stunning focal points and make even indoor spaces feel like they’re outside. 


A bright, light-filled office is the perfect place for dreaming up more of those brilliant Gianetti thoughts!


There are outdoor showers and then there’s this! Wow, wow, wow! Close to nature has never been so chic!


This table is perfectly suited for not only dining al fresco but also for working and resting in utmost style.


The grounds of this home are one of the most breathtaking parts. 


The best part of the home? The menagerie of farm animals outside the door! Miniature goats, donkeys and hens cap off the natural look in style.  Happy Monday, friends!


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