We do some of our best thinking in the shower. We don’t know if it’s the warm water or the quiet or the lack of multi-tasking but we always get the best ideas in there. We bet you do too!



The shower is one of those places where function is pretty darn important.


Anne Hepfer Design


But when it can be this beautiful too, then the shower can quickly become a favorite spot in the house!

bathroom in the shower atlan homes jeff herr photog
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Jeff Herr Photography


A rain shower head is so calming–but it isn’t that convenient when you want to stick your hair up on top of your head and just rinse off. So having a choice between two shower heads is wonderful!

Palmer Weiss


We’ve never really been that into the handheld shower head thing–except when it comes to cleaning! Nothing makes it easier to reach those far-off shower corners where grime can accumulate.

bathroom lisa luby ryan
Lisa Luby Ryan


From simple tile to luxurious marble,

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


There’s the right walk-in shower for any decor and feel.



Bold tile in a geometric print makes the shower fun!

Butler Armsden Design


An outdoor shower is one of our favorite things. This light-filled one has the same feel–minus the mosquitos. 

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


Gorgeous grays look great in a shower. With so many beautiful choices, it’s hard to pick a favorite. All we need now is one of those waterproof shower pads for writing down all our great ideas!

Speaking of great ideas… Have you pre-ordered my upcoming novel, Lies and Other Acts of Love? Stop by your favorite local bookstore or online retailer to get your copy! Here’s what one of my favorite authors, Elin Hilderbrand, the queen of the summer read, had to say about it!

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Graphic by: Tamara Welch