A new season always has us feeling ready to make some big changes, especially the spring. Everything feels new and fresh outside, so it follows that everything should feel new and fresh inside too.


But here’s the tricky thing. We start with something little. Mom, for example, is redoing her guest bathroom. Well, I mean, that’s how it started, of course.


Now that she’s realizing how terrific her new bathroom is going to look, she’s decided that my old playroom and the guest bedroom that are on either side of said bathroom really could use an update too. And that entrance foyer rug? Well, couldn’t it use a little spruce?


The living room and dining room rugs should probably be updated too… And, well, you get the idea. One thing always, always leads to another.


We hate to say it, but Caroline Brackett is making it worse. WAY worse. That’s what good taste tends to do, doesn’t it?


This looks like the perfect, sunny spot for writing. 


Every room could use a chaise. (Mom, you should add some chaises to the redecoration.)


This gorgeous geometric wallpaper makes an amazing statement in the bathroom. 


Nothing’s quite as romantic as a canopy bed. Have we mentioned that we adore a desk as a night table? 


Even if you aren’t sprucing your space for spring, it’s the perfect time to add a little pizazz to the porch or patio. Fresh pillows and pretty plants are a great place to start! Are you planning any spring improvements?


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