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Summer is right around the corner. And that can only mean one thing: time for an outdoor spruce!

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When we think of summer, we think of barbecues, of pool parties, kids running around in the yard while the parents have cocktails.

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For taking advantage of every warm, memory-making moment, we have to have our fabulous outdoor furniture from Summer Classics!

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There’s so much to love. For one, Summer Classics uses N-dura resin, a proprietary, ultra UV resistant resin with a high amount of UV light inhibitors. It has been tested to 8 years in Arizona sun with no color fading and is designed to greatly exceed its warranty. (If you haven’t been to Arizona, we have. We can assure you that this is significant. We can barely last eight minutes…)

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And their fabrics? Fabulous! Summer Classics features Colores exclusive designed fabrics and partners with the best fabric companies in the world for ultimate style and durability.

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The extra step of employing a NT-1 nano ceramic prewash creates better paint adhesion so Summer Classics pieces can stand up to anything–even that summer salt air.


Another reason their paint holds up so well? It’s architectural grade. The high solids polyester paint is 10 times thicker than wet coat paint.


We know the cushions are pretty. But they’re comfy too! The ultra comfortable Dream Cushion – a pillow top cushion featuring fluted channels filled with blown fiber, and a water resistant jacket over comfort foam–makes sitting a dream. It’s available in Sunbrella Rain waterproof fabric so it can actually stand up to rain and weather.


We love showcasing brands when we can actually attest to how terrific they are.


We have had eleven pieces of Summer Classics on our front porch in Beaufort, on the water, for the past three and a half years. We’ve never taken them inside or protected them in any way (besides tying them down to the porch during two hurricanes…) so these pieces have been through everything from sun to snow.


When we say they look as good as the day we bought them, that’s not an exaggeration. The white cushions (Yeah. We said white. We’re not totally practical.) are a breeze to clean and still look fantastic.


As a bonus, we think Summer Classics’s price point is terrific.


We know you’ll love Summer Classics for it’s gorgeous pieces and terrific style.



But if you have to talk your more sensible half into it, throwing out phrases like “N-dura resin” can’t hurt. Trust us. We’ve been there. We hope this amazing furniture has you dreaming of summer. We know we’re ready!

Thanks a million for stopping by today!


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