bathroom chandelier jean alsop atlan homes and lifestyle
Jean Allsopp via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

What kind of bathroom is your favorite? Do you like something grand and glamorous? Tiny and totally functional? Something in between? We’re big fans of bathrooms of all shapes, sizes and styles. In fact, sometimes it’s hard for us to pick a favorite! But, kind of like with the perfect pair of shoes, we know it when we see it. Like here, wood accents bring this glamorous bath down to earth. 

bathroom chandelier tammy connor design
Tammy Connor Design

Antique touches like this clawfoot tub and these stunning linens, bring a bit of tradition into an updated bath.

Atlanta Homes Magazine

This bathroom makes us think of island style!

bathroom jessica bradley
Jessica Bradley

We love everything about this bath from the white marble to the dreamy drapes. It’s spacious, bright and clean.

Tracery Interiors

Half baths can be teeny tiny and low on style. But this space with Tracery’s touch is overflowing with loveliness! Antique mirrors are one of our favorite decor touches.

Atlanta Homes Magazine

We love it when the bathroom feels like a main event, a prime living space. And why not? We could actually hang out in this room!

Brian Patterson Design

We are huge fans of pedestal sinks. The only real drawback is the lack of storage space. But, with these clever glass shelves over the top, there’s plenty of space to use toiletries before putting them away.

Cynthia Brooks Design

We adore an ottoman in a bathroom. The solid white of this bathroom juxtaposes so chicly with the dark wood floors.

bathtub built in new england home
New England Home

We’re big fans of free-standing tubs, but this built-in bath is simply beautiful. And the ledge is perfect for sipping on a glass of wine while you soak!

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