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If your Monday is feeling a little hectic, take a deep breath and spend a few minutes with us!

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What could be more calming than one of these sleek, white kitchens?

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Of course, nothing makes the white in the kitchen pop quite like a touch of black. Aren’t these bar stools amazing?

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One of the best things about a white kitchen is how fabulous fresh fruits and vegetables look on a blank canvas of a counter. It can’t help but make you want to eat healthier!

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If that isn’t a justification for installing those new white marble countertops, we don’t know what is.

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A splash of stainless is always welcome in a kitchen, but we are partial to a touch of gold as well. These are some of our very favorite pendants. And the gold inside is so chic.

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Of course, the kitchen doesn’t have to be all white. These blue cabinets are a welcome touch!

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If the all-white look is a bit too sparse, mixing up the counter surfaces is always a fun idea. You can never go wrong with a black and white combo!

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You know a little gray is one of our favorite neutrals. We can’t decide which one of these kitchen’s bar stools are the most amazing!

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A range hood is practically a kitchen accessory. Form and function is always a winning combination in a kitchen.

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This herringbone backsplash adds a bit of the extraordinary.

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A little light blue mixes perfectly with an otherwise neutral palette. It is our favorite, favorite color!

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The addition of the steel window is welcome in any room. We especially love it in the kitchen. 

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Islands are one of the best parts of any kitchen. We adore the furniture-look of this island. The pulls are a gorgeous bit of gold. 

Are you feeling more relaxed now? We know we are!



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