It’s the essence of charm, a white picket fence, the thing that somehow instantly takes a yard from plain to a dream come true.


It was the ultimate fantasy when I was young. I was going to grow up and have a little house with a white picket fence–the perfectly placed pooch is kind of an added bonus!


Wettling Architects

The only thing we might possibly love as much as a picket fence is a cedar shake house.



Patrick Ahearn Architects

The combination of the two is so utterly adorable, we can hardly stand it!

Just a little bit of fence is all it takes sometimes. And those window boxes make this place something right out of a storybook.

Patrick Ahearn Architects

A brick driveway like this one puts the yard over the top. Although we always wonder how anyone drives perfectly on those brick paths. We would have that grass messed up in about five minutes!

Patrick Ahearn Architect

Nothing says “welcome” quite like an open gate!

Catalano Architects

Nothing says “dream house” quite like a water view!

Donald Lococo Architects

The right plants are always a welcome accessory for any home. Hydrangeas are a favorite.

Patrick Ahearn Architects

The convertible puts this place right over the top!

1white picket fence donald lococo archt
Donald Lococo Architect

A tiny garden cottage is even more charming with the addition of an adorable fence. This space is entirely picturesque. 


Are you a fan of the picket fence?

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