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Good morning, sweet friends! We can’t believe the new book is out in the world! It has been such a fun day celebrating the release and doing fun events.

When Lies and Other Acts of Love opens, the entire family is at Lovey, the main character and grandmother’s, gorgeous beach house.


Lovey is in her late 80s, so you might expect her house to be stuffy and outdated, but staying with the times is one of Lovey’s main priorities. 


I envisioned her house as chic and neutral, an utterly relaxing home where family and friends can comfortably gather.


We adore this cozy dining nook and can just see Lovey and her five daughters congregating around it, eating Hershey’s Kisses, of course, and chatting.


This is a stylish alternative to a traditional coffee table. 


Simple and understated, this kitchen is everything a beach house kitchen should be. We can just smell the shrimp cocktail cooking!


Wood paneling is one of our favorite parts of any old school beach home. The touches of wood in this home give it charm without seeming dark.


Lovey and D-daddy’s beach house wouldn’t be complete without a place for the grandkids to gather. 


These bunks are the perfect place for late nights and whispered secrets. Some of my best memories are of late beach nights with my cousins!


Simple yet perfectly appointed, this is the kind of space that Lovey would adore.


Simple accessories like these chic corals are ideal for outfitting a coastal home in style.


Laundry is one of those necessary evils in life… But when you have a laundry room this gorgeous to do the laundry in, the folding seems much more fun!


Sweet pink would be a perfect fit for any of Lovey’s girls. 


A beautiful bathroom must have a fabulous tub. This stainless one is too stunning for words! 


This would be the perfect room for Lovey and D-daddy. This room is beautifully updated but still has some fabulous traditional elements, like this lovely bench and to-die-for linens. 


Beautiful beach blues are a key element to every coastal home. We love everything about this bathroom–and we think Lovey would too!


A little pool for a morning swim caps off this gorgeous home in style. 

To learn more about the amazing Lovey and her homes, grab your own copy of Lies and Other Acts of Love. Then email me a photo of your receipt to [email protected] to be entered in our $1,000 Shop Design Chic gift card giveaway!

Melanie Turner and Stan Benecki Design

Emily Jenkins Followill Design


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