Andrew J. Howard living room

We’re so excited to share a brand new house from one of our favorite (and funniest) interior designer friends: Andrew Howard!

Andrew J. Howard

The gorgeous Ponte Vedra spot was not only where the owner raised her children but she also had amazing memories with her mother there as well.

Andrew J. Howard kitchen

So, when she decided to do something new, she couldn’t quite bear to part with the memories of her kids’ childhood home. The solution? She tore down the existing house and started from scratch, memories in tact!

Andrew J. Howard kitchen

Howard worked with the client to create an updated space that worked for her needs now.

Andrew J. Howard bedroom

The style and a few of the pieces from the old home were worked in to the new design scheme, but the feel of the old house was considered more of a complement to the new structure, not something that hemmed Howard and the owner in.

Andrew J. Howard bedroom

Howard incorporated pops of color into this home but tried to keep things relatively neutral as well.

Andrew J. Howard bedroom

The new home was built with true, classical architecture in mind.

Andrew J. Howard office

For that reason, not every room had to be filled with color on this project. Going overboard with color “didn’t feel appropriate for this style house,” according to Howard.

Andrew J. Howard bedroom

We love the soft, water blue accents in this stunning home. They make the entire house feel calming and serene.

Andrew J. Howard bedroom

A cozy reading corner finishes off this room in style. A lovely view doesn’t hurt much either!

Andrew J. Howard bathroom

Fun, fresh patterns accent the beautiful color palette and simple touches like flowers make the style complete.

Andrew J. Howard porch

Howard says that the best part of this project–and many of the projects he works on–is the clients. 

Andrew J. Howard porch

“The dream client is someone who brings good ideas to the table,” Howard said, “someone whose ideas are mutually agreeable between decorator and client.”Andrew J. Howard Ponte Vedra house

And, on this project, Howard says that’s exactly what he got.

Andrew J. Howard Ponte Vedra house

She wanted an exterior that felt like somthing you would see in the Northeast without putting much of a Florida spin on it. We’d say, inside and out, Howard and this client banned together to make a dream property perfect for making new memories for years and years to come.

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