Hi friends! Did you have a happy Monday? Yesterday was “Muffins with Mommy” at my son’s school, the official Mother’s Day celebration, and it was, quite simply, the most adorable thing ever, one of those moments that makes you wish your life was like TiVo and you could just pause or rewind any time you liked.


It was one of those days when you realize that the swollen ankles and morning sickness and months and months of sleepless nights were totally worth it because now you have a song and a picture frame with his handprint and a big kiss that leaves cupcake icing on your cheek to show for it.


Those are always the days that make we want to slow things down a little bit, reassess what’s important. And, just like four years ago, they put me in the nesting mood.


So many important things happen at home from the big celebrations to the simple glasses of wine after work. And it’s where you get to hang those little handprints on the refrigerator, of course.


We really believe that it’s what happens at home, the spaces we create, the environment we foster, that makes those little people confident enough to go out into the world–because they have somewhere beautiful to come home to.


Not much changes when you get older, really. Home should still be the safe haven, the getaway from all the noise and scary and bad stuff happening outside the doors.


The gorgeously good taste of Ike Kligerman Barkley reminds us today what a home oasis is all about.


Whether your view is the water, the mountains, your front lawn, or the apartment building next door, making every bit of what’s inside count and be a reflection of your family is what creating a home is all about.


Cozy spots for relaxing (and unexpected nooks for playing hide and seek!) add charm in droves to these fabulous designs.


And clean, calming spaces for clearing your head make these homes worth coming home to at any age–from the time the Valentine’s are poured out of the paper mailbox to the time they’re flowers on your doorstep.


We may not be able to stop time. But we can make the most of it. And, like most good things in life, making the most of it starts at home.


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