Alex Papachristis Design 

Good morning, lovely readers! Are you having a good week? We are… except for one tiny detail. Yesterday, I had my first really epic fail as a parent. Or, well, I’m sure I’ve had lots of epic parenting fails but this was the first time that my son was old enough to really notice my massive failure. So that’s a new thing. And, let me tell you: It’s not great.


Alex Papachristis

I mentioned here that yesterday was Will’s end of year picnic, which I remembered. And I think that’s a win, really, considering that we just got back from a marathon book tour for Lies and Other Acts of Love. But, since we had missed the entire month of school, I somehow failed to realize that I was supposed to bring our lunch for the picnic. I mean, that would make sense, but I hadn’t thought about it too much. (Besides setting eleven alarms so I didn’t forget to go.)


Suzanne Kasler Design 

Well, two weeks ago, this would not have been something my four-year-old wouldn’t have even cared about. But today? He noticed. And he was MAD. And I felt like the worst parent in the world. 

Suzanne Kasler Design 

But then I told him I’m take him wherever he wanted to go for lunch. He chose Panera, and I never let him get a cookie, but I said if he’d forgive me he could pick out whatever cookie he wanted even the flip-flop one that was covered in green icing. It was not, as you can imagine, one of the gluten-conscious options. So he had a green mouth and a sugar buzz. And a wheat belly. But he loves me again!!! Small price to pay.

Victoria Hagan 

I’m going to have to start saving up because when he’s sixteen I have a feeling these situations are going to get more expensive than the $0.99 cent add-on-to-your-meal cookie. 

Phillip Thomas Interior Design

So, in short, we survived the first time my child realized how woefully inadequate I really am. (I’m still talking about that day that Mom forgot to pack my lunch. And it happened once in almost eighteen years. Needless to say, we’re not really the “forgive and forget” kind in our family.)

Phillip Thomas

Do you know what is NOT an epic fail?

Clive Christian 

Why, this fabulous Kips Bay Showhouse, of course. Is it us or does it get more amazing each year?

Clive Christian Design

Clive Christian really outdid himself in this kitchen. We feel like we’re getting a peek at what’s next in the kitchen world. And we are very excited by what we see!

Timothy Whealon Interiors

This Timothy Whealon bedroom is a testament to the power of fabric. The staid and neutral backdrop of this master feels calming and quiet. But the fabric is so abstract and fun that the entire room oozes personality. Love it all!

Les Ensembliers 

Don’t even get us started on this closet. Can you even call this a closet? It’s more like a small apartment.

Les Ensembliers

 Hubby and I are getting ready to build a house, and my requirements were literally a huge closet and all the lights on dimmer switches. That gives the architect enough to go on, right? (Well, and now we’re going to have to build some sort of theme park for Will to make up for the next thing we do wrong, obviously. He didn’t even like the cookie… Sheesh.)

Olasky & Sinsteden

There are twin beds and then there are twin beds. These are too gorgeous!

Harry Heissman 

This bathroom is total perfection, but, for us, the mirror puts it over the top. It would be gorgeous and glamorous anywhere! What’s your favorite room in this year’s Kips Bay Show House? We couldn’t possibly choose a favorite!

Wishing you a glorious day free of parenting fails and full of great design!