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Good morning, sweet readers! It is a beautiful, glorious day for a house tour. Speaking of, the Beaufort house is getting ready to be on tour! We always think that parties are a great thing because they make us get things done, finish up little projects, deep clean the pantry… Everything, really.

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But, at a party, people are really there to have fun. Not inspect every nook and cranny of your house. House tours take things up a notch. Like now we’re realizing things like the fact that we never bought anything to go over little Will’s beds after the cute sconces wouldn’t work… And, hm, yes, it would be a good idea to build that bigger shed and get the backyard properly landscaped for heaven’s sake.

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But, as life goes on and takes over in the post-major renovation time period, some of those little details are lost or forgotten.


So we always have great respect for the people’s whose homes are on our weekly house tour. Because getting your home in tip-top shape in every nook and cranny can be tricky. And having every inch photograph worthy while, actually, you know, living there, is trickier still!

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I, for one, am having office envy. During the year, I have a dedicated office, but, during the summer, my desk is in my bedroom so that I can write with a beautiful water view. It’s a great idea in theory, but, in reality, I have to keep everything clean and sparse and stowed away at all times. I’ve toyed around with the idea of renting an office on the water. But I think it’s only because I want to decorate it, which is not a good enough reason to take something like that on!

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“Tis the season… for hydrangeas. And, man, they are stunning. Down here they range from pale blue and light pink on the mainland to this vibrant hot pink and purple right on the beach. They are too beautiful not to clip and enjoy.

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And the simplicity of fresh flowers pairs well with anything–even this fantastically vibrant and patterned rug.

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This sleek, upscale kitchen is the ultimate in refinement, but we love the addition of these bar stools, which feel just a little bit Bohemian to us. Every room needs a little spot of relaxation.

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The pendants are also particularly eye-catching.

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Mud rooms are the best. Seriously. We are the worst at coming in the back door and dropping all of our stuff. At least in the mud room dropping it all looks orderly.

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A pretty powder room is perfect for guests. A pedestal sink is always right for a smaller space–or a larger one. Pedestal sinks are our favorites in any spot.

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Wish list item number 2,041: A gorgeous laundry room. I, for one, used to think these were a waste of space. That was back before I had a child and back when I had everything dry cleaned. A usable, functional laundry room is key for making life run now!

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We think throw pillows get a bad rap. People always complain about them and the time they take, but, really, it’s like an extra nine seconds to put five extra pillows on. And isn’t the end result so worth it?

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Painted furniture is perfect for creating that laid-back look.

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This bathroom is an example of our favorite places to save and splurge. Subway tile is so cute and super budget friendly, while a beautiful tub is an investment you’ll never regret!

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Lovely Venetian mirrors cap off this gray and white look in style.

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Three-dimensional art adds plenty of pizazz to a plain wall. The contrast of the white on the pretty, pale blue is wonderful. We hope you have enjoyed touring this gorgeous home as much as we have.

We hope it brightened your day and gave you a little bit of inspiration as well. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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