We can’t believe that it is already the middle of June! On the one hand, we want things to slooooooowwwww down. Way down. On the other, it means that we’re getting so very close to one our favorite weeks of the year: Our family beach trip! The twenty-two of us all gather in one oceanfront house for seven days and seven nights of family fun.

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It is the most wonderful week not only because it’s so relaxing but also because it’s long enough that we all get to really reconnect with each other and bond in a way that we can’t do during four hours at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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This gorgeous Seagrove Beach house is so calming, so serene and so very chic that we are getting even more excited about our wonderful week ahead!

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Statement lighting is welcome anywhere. This oyster fixture is the perfect addition to this serene and welcoming entryway. It sets the tone for a relaxing getaway.

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Barn doors are a favorite element of ours. We tried to have one at the Beaufort house, in fact. But it warped with the humidity in the first couple of months! So now we just have to enjoy looking at them in other people’s houses.

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A pair of ottomans is a great alternative to a traditional coffee table, especially in a place where guests gather often. Ottomans double as extra seating.

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Beautiful beams add so much dimension to the fifth wall.

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Everything is right about this gorgeous kitchen. We adore this vent hood.

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This breakfast room oozes personality. A mix of seating adds so much charm.

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But the view… Oh, there’s nothing like a view like this!

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A gorgeous bathroom is the icing on the cake of this amazing beach house. It makes us even more excited for our vacation coming up. Do you have any fun vacations coming up this summer? We’d love to hear about them!

T.S.Adams Studio 

Colleen Duffy Photography