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Just like falling in love or choosing the perfect dress, good taste is something we can’t necessarily describe. But we know it right away when we see it. So, when we ran across the work of Sandra Meyer of  Ella Scott Design, we knew instantly that we wanted to see more! Her work hits the right high notes between traditional and modern so that every element seems perfectly in line.

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There’s nothing better than black and white. Simple drapes, a beautiful piano, and a gorgeous sisal rug are the perfect combination.

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We love marble in a kitchen, of course, but it’s not always the most useful material. Combining gorgeous marble with a workstation made for chopping and cutting is a practical solution.

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Steel windows and doors are some of our most favorite accents for a home. It’s a great touch of black anywhere.

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Open floor plans are fabulous, but they have to be done just right. This kitchen and living area flow perfectly from one to the next with just the right mix of openness and division.

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Statement lighting is always welcome. This beautiful fixture adds glamour to a dining room.

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A vibrant purple print adds dimension to a stunning white backdrop. We love using different, corresponding fabrics on the fronts and backs of chairs to add that special additional element.

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We love lucite anywhere. In a hallway, it’s completely perfect because it creates a lovely vignette but takes up very little visual space.

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This is one of our all-time favorite mirrors. The texture and style are so fabulous! We’re also obsessed with these lucite curtain rods.

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White bathrooms are fine, but they can be a boring. Bold wallpaper and a classic tile in a fun hue make this bathroom eye-catching.

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A garden stool is one of our favorite accessories in a bathroom. It’s ideal for stacking clean towels–or gorgeous roses, of course! And a pretty wallpaper with tons of personality spices up the space immediately.

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