Studio Dearborn

Good morning, friends! Did you have a good weekend? What were you up to? We hope, whatever it was, it was fun! The Beaufort house is going to be on tour this weekend, so we’ve been working on getting everything neat and organized, which is trickier during the summer when we’re actually living in the house!


The kitchen is always the toughest place to keep neat and organized, for us anyway. (I am counting down the days until the tour is over and we can start on the mudroom/storage area! Yay!) In the meantime, we’re trying to make some small changes that will have a big impact.


This paper towel holder, for one, is so fabulous! Such a great idea. We don’t like having them on the counter, and they can’t go under the cabinets because we have lights. Keeping them under the sink is okay, but it would be even better to have them right on hand like these!


We love all kinds of cabinet styles. This wire is wonderful!


We love a pretty fruit bowl on the counter. Besides being beautiful, we think it helps us eat more fruit throughout the day–and saves room in the fridge.

1dearborn 13

A gorgeous blue backsplash is one that shouldn’t be covered up. No need for accessories here.

1dearborn 16

Fresh flowers on the counter feel like a reward.


When everything is neat and clean, the flowers are the perfect finishing touch.

1dearborn 17

Feet of fresh, white marble are the ultimate reward for keeping a clean and neat kitchen–you get to enjoy your beautiful countertops.




Having spices right at hand is crucial for cooking. A simple drawer insert makes it so you can see them all at the same time. Ours are alphabetized in the cabinet, which isn’t quite as convenient but still neat.


We’re all about an accessory, but in the kitchen, we tend to think, the simpler, the better. This coral bowl adds a burst of color. The watermelon is a good–and delicious–summer touch as well.


This sleek, thin fridge and freezer feel incredibly chic and organized.


Huge drawers are our favorite, favorite part of a kitchen organization plan. They are perfect for pots and pans.


The only thing better than organized cutlery is organized cutlery that’s bright and fun! These ooze summer!


This is genius! We can’t stand having iPads and phones and computers cluttering the countertops. This charging station gets rid of all the mess and stores it away beautifully.


These mixer shelves are some of our favorite parts of the kitchen–although a beautiful stand mixer is one of the few accessories we don’t mind having on the counter.

If you could add an organizational element to your kitchen, what would you choose? Have a great day!