Howard Design Studio

It is spring, spring, spring, and that can only mean one thing: time for gardens galore!


Sitting in them, admiring them… We love all of that!

Hollander Design 

The planting and keeping alive is where things get dicey. Fortunately, hardy favorites like these gorgeous hydrangeas are stunning and well within our wheelhouse.

Howard Design Studio

We don’t know about you, but we love beautiful blooms that we can cut and move into our own house. It’s such an easy and chic touch.

Howard Design Studio

We love so many different kinds of gardens, from the streamlined to the very, very complicated.

Howard Design Studio

A fabulous patio is one of the best parts of spring. But, without a luscious view, porch sitting can fall flat.

Milieu Magazine


That’s certainly not a problem for any of these lovely landscapes!

Tea in the garden? Why, yes please! This is the height of sophistication!

Loi Thai

This beautiful yard reminds us of a perfectly tailored pair of black pants. They fit so well that they can’t help but be gorgeous.

Lies and Other Acts of Love

If you need something to read while you’re catching rays this summer, look no further than Lies and Other Acts of Love! Deep South Magazine, Glitter Guide, The SITS Girls, The Greenville News and many others agree that it’s one of the must-read books of summer!