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We are suckers for a fabulous historic cottage. They are so filled with charm and totally unique. Have you seen anything more adorable than this one? The symmetry lends instant appeal.

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The incredible details in historic homes are what really set them apart. Aren’t these floors amazing?


This eat-in kitchen is the perfect place for two. The open shelving makes the kitchen feel spacious.

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We absolutely adore small spaces where every inch is used efficiently and well. Have you ever seen a cozier bedroom?

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If that space includes a canopy bed and built-ins, all the better!

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White walls complement the dark floors so very well and keep the entire look clean and chic.

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Window seats are such an adorable addition to a room and create the perfect space for reading and doubles as wonderful storage.


Speaking of making the best use of small spaces, this dining table is the perfect place for entertaining guests.


Are you a fan of historic homes? Or are you more of a new home fan? We hope you’re having a wonderful day!


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Restored 1889 Historic Cottage