New England Home

Baby, haint, cerulean, turquoise, aqua, or, of course, Carolina! Whatever shade you love best, we just adore blue, blue, blue! When it’s paired with white? Perfection every time!

APD Architects

Blue out the window,

Anne Hepfer

Blue on the couch, 

Rachel Reider InteriorsMichael Partenio Photography

Blue around the table…

Meg Braff Design

Blue on the windows,

color blue and white apd.jpg1
APD Design

Blue at the bar,

Anne Hepfer

Blue and white bedding is gorgeous wherever you are!

Anne Hepfer

White paneled walls are never a bad idea, especially by the shore.

Carrier and Company

This gorgeous tile looks almost as much like water as what is flowing out of the tap! How fabulous!


Mixing and matching shades of blue and white is always a good idea.

Milieu Magazine

And it doesn’t always have to look traditional. This modern art is the perfect complement to the more formal feel of this entrance. 

Michael Stavaridis Photography

But, of all the blue and white, there’s just nothing like that of water and sky… Hoping your weekend is filled with a little (or a lot) of that! 

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