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On Friday I wrote a note to the FedEx man. And left it on the kitchen counter instead of the front door. Then I drove to school to pay tuition. And forgot my checkbook. It’s like my brain’s subtle way of saying: You need to get back on a schedule!

For fourteen weeks of summer, I’ve been pretty on top of it. Those last few days, my brain just conceded the fight. We’ve loved every moment of playing all day. But all good things must come to an end. And, eventually, it’s just time to get back in the swing of things.  

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But it’s a lot easier said than done to go home to an empty playroom. Of course, it’s easier to clean up without anyone protesting that you’re throwing away the stack of folded Kleenexes that were a part of a very avant garde art project that you failed to understand… But it feels very, very wrong, all the same! Those first couple of days, trudging up to my spin bike that resides in Will’s playroom will feel so quiet. And I’m sure I’ll be sad.

Collins Interiors | Nathan Schroder Photography



But then, when I realize I can watch The Today Show while I’m peddling instead of Dinosaur Train, when I discover that I actually know what’s happening in the world again, I’m sure I’ll adjust.  After all, it will only be a few hours until the teepee will be full again. Really full. Because four-year-old play dates are so much fun! And four-year-olds still ask in front of their friends if they can have their friends over so there’s no way to say no!

Collins Interiors | Nathan Schroder Photography


And, who knows, once the toys are all returned to their rightful places and the “boat” (a million pieces of cardboard with paint, marker, stickers and random household paraphernalia glued to every inch) is returned to the closet, I might even get some fun ideas for a little design tweaking!

Collins Interiors playroom
Collins Interiors | Nathan Schroder Photography

Even if I don’t, there are sure to be dozens of brand new pieces of artwork to grace the walls. And a whole new year of memories to be made. A few weeks from now, we’ll be longing for summer again. But, for today, we’re savoring the idea of a fresh start–and we hope you are too!



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