Good morning, reader friends! We hope your Tuesday is off to a terrific start. I’m busy making healthy breakfasts to put in the freezer since I’m a little worried about how the little guy and I will possibly ever make it to school at 8 am… I somehow feel like if I had a kitchen like this incredible one from Cochrane Design I would wake up early, make myself some delectable coffee treat and quietly, calmly sip it on my front porch before everyone else woke up.


That’s not true, of course. I would still sleep until 7:25 and be rushing around trying to sign permission slips and not forget snacks. But that’s just a testament to the power of a room to make us feel a certain way.
























It probably goes without saying that the library is generally my favorite room in the house. I don’t just like to write books. I love to read them. All of them. And Mom and I both have a near-hoarding obsession with design books. They’re just so pretty!


An awesome library ladder is one of my wish list items. So chic–even if you don’t actually use it!
























But the closet? We know we would use this closet. No question about it! Oh, the storage… 


We love an open floor plan for entertaining and keeping the family together but, sometimes, open floor plans can be a little stale and lacking in architectural details. Not this incredible space! It bridges the gap of traditional and modern, open and closed without missing a beat.


Another open space, perfectly executed. (I am certain I would calmly be flipping blueberry pancakes with plenty of time to spare in this kitchen.)


Now this is a bathroom worth waking up early for. It’s no secret that we’re big, huge fans of white marble. This bath is perfectly crisp and refreshing.



Screenshot 2016-08-20 13.13.29

Kid spaces that grow up with them can be hard to achieve, but Cochrane design does it with the best taste. A few tweaks here and there and this room has the trappings of a fabulous teenager’s bedroom.


Now this is a kid’s room. A real-life climbing wall? Sleep is highly overrated! I hope. I guess we’ll see for ourselves next Monday when our first ever 8 am school year begins…

Wishing you a wonderful day (and sleeping in in the near future!)! Thanks for stopping by!

I am so excited because we have already started planning the Slightly South of Simple book tour for next April and May. We’re going to do something really fun this year in honor of the fact that protagonist Ansley Murphy is an interior designer: a house tour!

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