We have cabin fever! No, not that kind of cabin fever. (It’s still like 90 degrees, so we’re out and about!) But we are loving, loving, loving this gorgeous cabin by Bill Moore and Emory Ratliff of Christopher Architecture & Interiors. And if you love this cabin as much as we do, check them on HGTV Faces of Design Waterside Retreats. We were so excited to vote for them!


We featured this firm’s Good Taste yesterday, and we were thrilled to see that you think they are as talented as they are.


If you’re like us, you think one of the marks of true design skill is versatility.


And while some of yesterday’s picks were upscale and glamorous, this cabin is relaxing, clean and just the right amount of rustic.


Layered, luxurious and light, light, light, the architectural details in this bedroom create the perfect cabin vibe. It’s just the kind of place we’d want to hole up on a cold winter night.


Speaking of getting cozy… This charming window seat is the perfect spot for an all-day reading affair when it’s too cold to go outside to play!


We love a good outdoor shower, but, well, most places in the world don’t have the right climate for bathing outside all year round, the natural materials and view of the great outdoors in this lovely spot combine to make you feel like you’re showering outside. And with very limited risk of a lizard deciding to join you. It’s really a win win.


No doubt about it, this is the kind of place where wonderful memories that last a lifetime will be made. And these huge bunks are big enough for adult visitors as well!


As we talked about yesterday, homes are really made up in moments. And this beautiful bath? A moment for sure!


There’s nothing quite so cool as a hanging swing like this. Add a fireplace, and it’s cabin bliss!


Oh, and did we mention the view? Who wouldn’t have cabin fever with all this great outdoors right beyond the porch? Stunning from one side to the other! 

Thank you so much for stopping by Design Chic today. We’re so glad you did!

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