Andrew Howard


We’re not afraid to admit it: Eating is one of our favorite things.

Andrew Howard

Which is why we also try to convince ourselves that exercising is one of our favorite things…But, somehow, “the treadmill” doesn’t ever quite convey that some happy feeling that “Hershey’s Kisses” do.

There are, of course, plenty of times that eating has to happen in the car or the airport or somewhere equally low on ambience.But, when it can happen in your own home, in comfort, isn’t that the best?



Geoff Chick Architect| Jack Gardner Photography


When it’s comfort and style, that’s even better!

T.S. Adams Studio


We tend to think of bar stools as wobbly hard things, And while, quite often, the less comfortable varieties are extremely stylish!When comfort and style combine, all the better!

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From grilled cheese to caviar, hot dogs to coq au vin, 

There’s no doubt that many a special meal can be served–in comfort–in your own home. 

Where you choose to work it off? Well, that’s up to you.