I learned how to ski when I was three. Dad was an avid skier, and skiing was one of those things he valued as a critical life skill. Like walking. Or breathing.  



My first ski trip was to Snowshoe, West Virginia, and, from there, Mom and Dad took me to all the major skiing destinations out West and the French and Swiss alps. (If you’ve never skied through twelve miles of cow pasture, you haven’t really skied.) 



From Aspen to Mont Blanc, my very favorite ski destination, the one that I would return to again and again, is Deer Valley.



It’s Mom’s favorite too. Dad likes to go off script a little, doesn’t care about perfectly groomed, marked trails or beautiful mountainside restaurants to stop off for lunch. But we do.



Because of our love for Deer Valley, it’s really no surprise that we are pretty much obsessed with this gorgeous Deer Valley Home designed by Massucco Warner Miller



It is, like the ski destination around it, the right mix of outdoorsy chic and plush comfort. 




Little Will will be five soon, and I have had all sorts of mom guilt about not teaching him to ski before now. But five isn’t so old. This winter is definitely the winter. 



We’ve been researching the best ski schools, the newest destinations.



But one look at this gorgeous home serves as a reminder of what is so wonderful about my favorite ski spot.



The beauty and elegance of this fabulous home is representative of a larger whole.



And makes me think that there are few other places as perfect for falling in love with skiing. 



Now, if they could design a way to keep our toes from getting cold (and rent us this house!), we’d really be all set. Do you like to ski? Or are you more of a drink-hot-cocoa-and-watch-the-snow-fall kind of person? Either way, we hope you’ve loved getting a peek inside this gorgeous mountain home!


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