Good morning, friends! We hope you’re having an amazing Tuesday! Did you get up this morning and check your horoscope?


If so, did you check the right one?


If you haven’t heard all the hoopla about the horoscopes, you should know: You may be a completely different sign. We know. It’s shocking.


NASA has discovered a 13th Zodiac Sign, Ophiucus, and everyone is all up in arms about it. But here’s the thing: Does no one remember that we went through this same drill in 2011 and then went back? (I remember because I wrote a newspaper column about it!) Was that a false alarm and this is the real thing? Or are we seriously a Gemini and a Leo now instead of a Cancer and a Virgo?


I think I’ll just start checking both, and whichever has the best prognosis for that day is the one I’ll go with.


But here’s who we can’t stop thinking about: All those poor people with zodiac sign tattoos. I mean, that thing is for life.


Even worse, can you imagine if you had chosen your partner because your zodiac signs were a perfect match and now, because of this crazy new constellation, you both have new signs that aren’t a match at all? It’s all very stressful…


Do you know what isn’t stressful?


The soothing hues and casually layered look of this fabulous Eastover Home by Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors.


Lovers of traditional interiors will be drawn to the classic elements, like this formal dining room,


And a little boy’s room fit for a prince.


But elements of the unexpected like a modern lucite bench, abstract art,


Or a playful print where you least expect it, add pizazz that make the style very current.


A classic grasscloth paper in an always-chic shade gets an update from a fun mirror,


And lacquer transforms a standard mudroom into a stunning back entryway.

If only all transformations could be so effortless… All we hope is that, no matter your new sign, whether you stayed the same or switched over entirely, great style is in your stars.