Good morning, good morning, our wonderful friends! We hope you had a fabulous Monday. I had the best time last weekend in one of the South’s most beautiful cities: Savannah. It was a fabulous weekend full of Southern booksellers, incredible authors and I got to take part in the amazing Shoe Burnin’ Show, a combination of story and song that one of my author friends describes as “Southern Literary Church.” All in all, it was a very memorable weekend. Speaking of memorable, Christopher Architecture and Interiors is all about creating homes that are totally unforgettable.



Just as life is made up in moments, homes are too.


And we can confidently say that these architects and designers are some of the best we’ve seen of creating those moments.


This is the kind of kitchen where breakfast is served, coffee is shared and memories are made. 


The mix of luxe metals and natural stone with darker wood rustic touches is a fabulous juxtaposition.


We love giant picture windows for letting in light. It makes a kitchen seem so much brighter and airier.


We love, love, love these acrylic barstools! So chic!


These beautiful beds are the perfect example of how twins can transition for a child’s room to an adult guest room.


An adorable window seat is ideal for a child’s room. Is there anything sweeter than baby clothes?


A soaking tub with plenty of light is one of those “moments.” It’s totally serene.


Steel windows and doors can define both an interior and exterior decor. We can’t get enough of them! Which one of these gorgeous rooms is your favorite? 

We hope your Tuesday is fabulous!

We are so THRILLED by the number of beautiful homes we are going to have as a part of the Slightly South of Simple book tour for next April and May. If you might be interested in having the Slightly South of Simple tour come to your house (or town!), or would like more information, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]


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Click on each image Below to Learn More About the Product: